martes, 20 de enero de 2009


Announcement: Today's entry is presented by My Madness, what it says isn't necesarily true

So what? yeah, shit flies at everyone all the time, everyone feels like their life is miserable or boring or stupid. Anyway, our mistakes are our own, and everything we ever do in life is a mistake, no matter how happy we might feel we are, there was always a way for us to be even happier, and if we think we suffer because of someone else's deeds, it's not true, in no uncertain terms, if we are fucked it's because we fucked ourselves.

What's happening right now, the consequences of my actions, who cares if they are burdens that weight me down or phalic metaphores screwing my head? I did it, I deserved it, I made me deserve it, what I want means nothing, because I will never have it, I will always want more. Anyway, insanity is always a bad day away, so on the mean time I'll laugh, I'll laugh the laugh I like the most, the one that makes me shiver, the one I know I would not dare let anyone see or hear.

I say I have friends, I say I cherish them, I say I care, do I? Sometimes the relations in which we hope to find support are more source of distress than relief. Chew that distress down and spit it out. Oh yeah, that's my family alright, other beings to which I am uncertainly attached, an invisible bond that oppositely to what everone thinks is weaker than most.

 What am I do to? hell if I know.