miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

No. 1

Me gustaría mucho recibir retro sobre esto, ni yo lo entiendo bien, pero me agrada como se siente, o como lo siento yo.

I see you, I really do
Your figure against glass
Windows of shattered impulses
You stamp your feet
I write, I describe
We sit alone in the dark, yet we bask in sunlight
Like standing on tiptoe at the edge of twilight
I see you grow old as you fall.

I hear you, I really do
Waves of singing and sighs
Your back begs me to follow
An embrace... Long forgotten, lost
I play with powder in the dusk
You sparkle
A smoking barrel, pointing to the air
I stand up and leave
And it ends.

Not King Lear

The wind is weak
It doesn't dare blow away sadness
It's too afraid to take anger
I stand in front of the tornado
It howls
It consumes
It breaks and tears apart
But my fury and despair...
They remain

Take my tears with you, I don't need them
Thrash my world, break my limbs...
They're a nuisance
I like you weak, show nature is powerless
Because what I don't mean to part with...
What I would have no console without...
I what I know you refuse to take.