lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Flight Attempt

And so, it strikes. You untap the plug, the river breaks the creek…

Solitude that fuels insomnia, insomnia born in yearning.

Desire, desire, silence is never broken. That which you expect, and you wish is there

Fear the future, feel the cotton in your heart, let it drench your blood

Letters in the dark

The unlit lighthouse, call the ships in

The unsafe dock, fail the ties

The water is rushing in.

Anchor, pull the ship down, it tries to leave the dock, but the anchor pulls

The foreign martyr begs, and the lighthouse fades

Swell and swoon.

Howl the quietness, insomnia that fuels solitude, yearning held in desire

Smash and crack and shine and polish and laugh

It’s all memory and dream, crossfire of delusions

Waft among delusions, taste the mirages, fear the laughter

Breath and shiver, hold in the shame, fret and regret

Break the mast.

Words in the dark, look around, feel around

The door is open but sight and courage elude, delude, deluge

Here comes the sound, the sound that you flee

The sound of relief, surpassing.

Desire breaking quietness, yearnings unquenched, solitude unchanged.

Sigh, senselessness abounds, repent.

Futility and unconveyed message. The wreckage is done, unmaned and unmade.

Rot…. And wait.

1 comentario:

Aureliano dijo...

I'm not quite sure of having understanded the whole of it. But one thing i'm certain of, i liked its rythm and musicality.

You made me feel a hollow stomach, i sensed some lack of hope there that was quite shocking for my actual emotional state. It's getting greater, you know? Your writting/evocative skills... as my english, i hope.
Well, not much more to say, congrats, again.